WordPress Basics Course

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πŸ”“ Unlock your website’s potential with expert training!
🧭 Take charge with private, guided classes.
🏠 Customize homepage, sub-pages, and blog posts effortlessly.
πŸ”§ Gain mastery over theme settings and dashboard configurations.
🎨 Empower yourself to manage and create engaging content.

Course Duration: 2 Hours


Course Description

🌟 Welcome to the WordPress Basics Course for Beginners! 🌟

In just 2 hours, start your journey into the world of WordPress. Ideal for beginners, this course covers the fundamentals of WordPress, including posts, pages, themes, plugins, and more. Simplified explanations, engaging examples, and practical exercises await. Let’s get started:

πŸš€ Course Highlights:

  • Understanding WordPress: Get to know WordPress, your new digital canvas.
  • Creating Content: Learn to create and manage posts and pages.
  • Themes and Plugins: Customize your site’s appearance and functionality.
  • WordPress Settings: Navigate through WordPress settings with ease.
  • Website Maintenance: Basic upkeep to keep your site running smoothly.

πŸŽ“ What You’ll Gain:

  • Confidence in using WordPress for any project.
  • Ability to create and manage content with ease.
  • Knowledge to customize and maintain a WordPress website.

πŸ“š Included Resources:

  • Handpicked list of essential plugins and themes.
  • Guides and tutorials for extended learning.

Course Schedule

WordPress Basics Course Outline (Duration: 2 Hours)

Course Introduction

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Content:
    • Welcome and Course Overview
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introduction to WordPress Basics

Module 1: Understanding the Basics

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Content:
    • Exploring the Dashboard
    • Setting Up Your Home Page – Blog or Static
    • Social Media Buttons and Links

Module 2: Mastering Content Creation

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Content:
    • Creating Posts
    • Creating Pages
    • Creating Links
    • Managing Comments and Discussions

Module 3: Theme Customization

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Content:
    • Your Theme Options
    • Appearance Tab

Module 4: Enhancing Functionality

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Content:
    • Working With Plugins
    • Working With Widgets
    • Settings Tab

Module 5: URL Configuration

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Content:
    • Permalink and Slug Settings
    • Permalinks/Slug
    • The Kitchen Sink

Module 6: User Management

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Content:
    • Creating and Managing Users

Module 7: Content Optimization

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Content:
    • Adding Content
    • Revisions
    • Contact Forms

Course Conclusion

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Content:
    • Recap of Key Learnings
    • Additional Resources
    • Feedback and Course Evaluation

Course Outline

🌐 Introduction to WordPress

  • Exploring the WordPress Dashboard
  • Understanding Blog vs. Static Home Pages

πŸ› οΈ Content Creation in WordPress

  • Creating and Managing Posts
  • Creating and Managing Pages
  • Using the WordPress Editor and the Kitchen Sink

πŸ’¬ Engaging with the Audience

  • Managing Comments and Discussions
  • Adding Social Media Buttons and Links

🎨 WordPress Customization

  • Exploring Theme Options
  • Customizing Appearance and Widgets

πŸ”Œ WordPress Plugins and Widgets

  • Introduction to Plugins: Installation and Management
  • Working with Widgets: Adding Functionality to Your Site
  • Understanding Settings Tab
  • Configuring Permalink and Slug Settings

πŸ‘₯ Managing WordPress Users

  • Creating and Managing User Accounts
  • User Roles and Permissions

πŸ“ Advanced Content Management

  • Using Revisions for Content Tracking
  • Effective Use of Contact Forms

πŸ’¬ Q&A and Course Wrap-Up

  • Open Session for Questions and Answers
  • Summary and Key Takeaways

πŸ“š Additional Resources

  • Recommended Plugins and Themes
  • Further Reading and Tutorials on WordPress

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of WordPress 🌐
    • Gain a solid foundation in WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system.
    • Equip yourself with the knowledge to create, manage, and maintain a WordPress website efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Web Content Skills ✍️
    • Master the art of crafting engaging posts and pages that attract and retain visitors.
    • Learn to effectively use the WordPress editor for enriched content creation.
  3. Effective Audience Engagement πŸ’¬
    • Discover strategies to engage with your audience through comments and social media integrations.
    • Build a community around your website, enhancing visitor loyalty and interaction.
  4. Personalized Website Appearance 🎨
    • Learn to customize your website’s appearance with themes and widgets to reflect your brand and style.
    • Understand how to make your website visually appealing and user-friendly.
  5. Plugin Proficiency πŸ”Œ
    • Acquire skills to select and manage plugins, adding functionality and features to your website.
    • Understand how plugins can extend the capabilities of your website beyond the basics.
  6. SEO and Permalink Mastery πŸ”
    • Learn the importance of SEO-friendly URLs and how to optimize them for better search engine visibility.
    • Understand the role of permalinks in enhancing your site’s SEO.
  7. User Management and Security πŸ”
    • Develop skills in managing users, roles, and permissions for improved website security and administration.
    • Learn best practices in maintaining a secure and efficient WordPress site.
  8. Cost-Effective Web Management πŸ’Ό
    • Become self-reliant in managing your website, saving costs on professional services.
    • Enjoy the freedom and creativity of updating and customizing your website as needed.

Ready to master WordPress and create stunning, effective websites? Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a WordPress expert! πŸš€πŸ’»






Previous content (not as good as new content above):

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to WordPress (1 Hour)

  1. Overview of WordPress: Brief history and importance.
  2. Setting Up WordPress: Understanding hosting and domain names.
  3. Dashboard Navigation: Introduction to the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Creating Posts: Detailed instructions on creating and editing posts.
    • Objective: By the end of this session, you will be able to create and edit posts in WordPress.
    • Measurable Outcome: Create a sample blog post incorporating different media types.

Session 2: Advancing Your WordPress Skills (1 Hour)

  1. Recap of Session 1: Quick review of previous session’s key points.
  2. Creating Pages: Differences between posts and pages, and how to create pages.
  3. Themes and Customization: Exploring themes, customization options, and widgets.
  4. Introduction to Plugins: Selecting and managing plugins.
  5. Basic WordPress Security: Tips for keeping your WordPress site secure.
  6. Troubleshooting Common Issues: Quick guide to solving frequent WordPress problems.
    • Objective: By the end of this session, you will be able to customize your WordPress site and manage themes and plugins.
    • Measurable Outcome: Customize a WordPress theme and install a plugin relevant to your site’s purpose.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Expert Tips: During the training session, we include industry insider tips – particularly in themes customization and plugin management.
  • Interactive Elements: Q&A segments after each major topic for immediate clarification and engagement.


Course Overview: “WordPress Basics: Craft Your Digital Presence”

What You Will Learn:

  1. Getting Started with WordPress:
    • Understand what WordPress is and its dominance in the web world.
    • Learn about domains and hosting, and how to select the right ones for your needs.
    • Set up your first WordPress site with ease.
  2. Navigating the WordPress Dashboard:
    • Master the WordPress dashboard, learning each feature’s purpose and potential.
    • Customize basic settings to optimize site performance and user experience.
  3. Creating Content – Posts and Pages:
    • Distinguish between posts and pages, and when to use each.
    • Craft engaging content using the WordPress editor, adding images, videos, and links.
    • Explore themes and plugins to enhance the functionality and appearance of your site.
  4. Customizing Your Site:
    • Dive into themes: selecting, installing, and customizing to fit your style.
    • Explore widgets and menus to enhance site navigation and design.
  5. Essentials of Site Management:
    • Understand basic SEO principles to increase your site’s visibility.
    • Learn how to keep your site secure and up-to-date.
    • Gain tips for troubleshooting common issues.
  6. Building Engagement:
    • Engage with your audience through comments, feedback, and social media integration.
    • Use analytics to understand and grow your audience.



Course Highlights

– Capture Every Moment: Get free access to recorded classes.

– Guided Learning: Free basic training videos included.

– From Homepages to Menus: Understand the building blocks of your website.

– Level Up Your SEO: Boost your site’s visibility with best practices.

– Take Control: Manage users, settings, and social media integration.

– Your Unique Touch: Customize headers, footers, and sidebars.

– Picture Perfect: Master media library for managing visuals.


Skills You Will Learn

– Choose hosting options.
– Upload and setup your WordPress theme.
– Access and navigate the dashboard.
– Set up your home page as a blog or static page.
– Add social media buttons and links.
– Customize screen options.
– Review and revert revisions.
– Create and edit posts.
– Create and edit pages.
– Work with graphics and videos.
– Create hyperlinks.
– Manage comments and discussions.
– Utilize sliders for display.
– Adjust portfolio settings.
– Configure feedback settings.
– Customize theme options.
– Access the appearance tab.
– Add and manage plugins.
– Work with widgets.
– Utilize WordPress tools.
– Access and adjust settings.
– Configure permalink and slug settings.
– Manage user accounts.
– Gain an overview of content management.
– Utilize the “Press This” feature.
– Organize taxonomy.
– Customize permalinks and slugs.
– Access additional formatting options with the “Kitchen Sink” tool.
– Add content to your website.
– Set password protection for specific content.
– Review and revert revisions.
– Utilize pre-designed page templates.
– Create customizable contact forms.
– Generate a sitemap for your website.



Q:Β  Why should you take this training?


  • Empowerment. The WordPress Fundamentals Program will empower you to take control and do it yourself with gusto.
  • Unlock Your Potential and Save Money!Β  In the WordPress Fundamentals Program, you’ll master content management, user accounts, and social media integration. Learn the secrets of SEO, customize headers and footers, and take control of your website’s design. Say goodbye to costly services – do it all yourself!

Q:Β  What’s included in this course?

Unleash the Power of WordPress in the Fundamentals Program!

Discover the ultimate website wonderland with WordPress. We’ll dive into the exciting world of database management and show you how to navigate the theme options. Say hello to your new best friend – the dashboard settings!

Our expert instructor will reveal the secrets of admin settings and unleash the SEO magic of your theme or plugins. Get ready to conquer on-page and on-post settings like a boss. And guess what? That’s not all!

Customize your website like a pro by creating stunning headers and footers. Whip up mouthwatering menus and spice up your site with eye-catching custom sidebars using delightful plug-ins and widgets. Plus, we’ll guide you on managing your homepage and subpages effortlessly – even bringing in sliders, portfolios, galleries, and videos!

The WordPress Fundamentals Program is your ticket to a website wizardry adventure. Let’s transform your website dreams into reality!


Q:Β  How do I book a class session?


Flexibility is our middle name – schedule classes your way!

No more rigid timetables – it’s your call. Simply use our online scheduling tool to find the days and times that work for you, and you’ll already be matched up with a certified WordPress instructor who’s available when you are.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got your back when it comes to weekend and evening classes too. Just make an appointment and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of WordPress whenever it suits you best. Let’s make learning fun and convenient!


Q:Β  What is the online class like?Β  What app do we use for the audio, screen sharing, etc?


Get ready to rock and roll with our WordPress Fundamentals class, delivered through the magic of Google Meet! We’ve got a powerful and user-friendly platform that’ll make your learning experience a blast.

Gather your crew members for this virtual adventure (first two attendees are included in the class price!).Β  And hold on tight, because here’s where things get exciting!

With Google Meet, we capture your live training classes in amazing high-definition video. Not only that, but we also save these classes in our archives, allowing you to download the recordings at no extra cost. So you can revisit those golden moments of wisdom whenever you need them.

But wait, there’s more! This class is all about making it YOURS. We customize it to match your unique training goals, theme preferences, and busy schedule. The day before your class, your instructor will send you a special Google Meet invite that’s like a VIP ticket to knowledge.

When the big day arrives, simply click the “Join Now” button on your invitation just 5 minutes before your scheduled class. And hey, don’t forget to dial in on the provided phone number so we can hear your awesome voice and answer all your burning questions. We’re all about creating a memorable and interactive experience!

So, are you ready to dive into the world of WordPress like never before? Secure your spot in the virtual classroom and let’s embark on an incredible learning journey together using Google Meet!


Q:Β  Who would find this class most useful?

This class is for the go-getters, the adventurers, the ones ready to conquer WordPress like superheroes! Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, the WordPress Fundamentals Program is your ultimate launching pad.

If you’ve just dipped your toes into the vast waters of WordPress and want to take charge of your theme and content, this class is your perfect starting point. We’ve designed the WordPress Fundamentals Program, along with our Master Class, Developer Class, and Security Class, to empower anyone – yes, even if you have zero experience – to become a WordPress whiz.

So, if you’re yearning to master your WordPress website or even create mind-blowing WordPress sites as a career, this class is tailor-made for you. Get ready to unleash your inner WordPress superhero and join us on this epic journey!


Q:Β  What do I need to get started?

Requirements for WordPress Basics Program:

– No prior experience or training needed!
– Computer with internet connection
– Phone or VoIP account with microphone and speakers
– Recommended: WordPress installed with Administrator level access to your site
– Don’t worry if you don’t have WordPress installed, we can train you on our own WordPress development sites.


Q: What do I get with the WordPress Basics Class?


– Access to our video tutorial website for life
– Private, online training sessions
– Free video download of your live training sessions



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