How to Join a WPTrainr Training Session

You can schedule a free 15-minute call with us to discuss your needs. Or you can directly book a full-length training session with us at any time.

Either way, you’ll need to know how to join the meeting well before the meeting start time.

This mini-guide shows you how to do exactly that: how to join your training session after it’s scheduled.

How to Find Your Meeting Link in Your Email

After you schedule your session, you should receive an email with a meeting link inside. The subject of the email should read something like “New Event: Your Name Here” and it will be from Calendly.

Here’s what the email should look like:

In the above email, the Zoom meeting link is below the text that says..

“This is a Zoom web conference”.. Attendees can join this meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

So, click on the link below that text in your email to join your session!

Keep in mind that your trainer will not be in the meeting until a few minutes before the start of the meeting (or at the scheduled meeting time).

We strongly request that you verify your microphone / headset, speakers / headphones, and devices are all working properly for online meetings before you meet with us.

If you see a link / button in your email to add your Training Session to your calendar automatically as an Event, it will look like this in your Calendar after it’s added: