Best AI Tools for WordPress Admins 2024

I personally use all these free AI tools for my WordPress admin-related tasks.

  • The tools in this guide all at least have a FREE version to use
  • Most of these tools do not require any sign-up or login

Best AI tools for Text (such as ChatGPT):

Use these text AI tools to generate blog post outlines, write various copy, and even look through PDF files and give feedback based on that (see Claude below).

  • – simple, fast, easy, free to use, no login required
  • Claude.AI – supports uploading of various file types such as PDF and DOCX
  • ChatGPT – everyone’s favorite LLM AI
  • – gives AI chat with sources included (for fact-checking your AI output)

Best AI tools for To Do List:

  • – simple, free, easy, splits any task into smaller sub-tasks as a To Do list
  • Taskade – pro level solution for AI powered task management

Best AI Tools for Image Generation:

Instead of listing all the best AI image generators out there, it would be better for you to just check out this wrap-up.

Best AI for Making Charts


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