VIDEO: Add AI ChatBot to Your WordPress Site in 3 Mins

Video Summary:

– Our “How to Add WordPress AI Chatbot” video teaches how to add a chatbot to a WP website.

– You need to follow these steps (below)

Steps to Add AI Chatbot to WordPress Site:

1. Go to

2. Click on “build your custom GPT”.

3. Sign in with Google.

4. You can choose to create a GPT bot or close the window (you can just press “X”).

5. Click on “Create a Support Bot”.

6. Give the bot a name and click “Create Bot”.

7. You can customize your bot if you want.

8. Click on “Connect” at the top of the page.

9. Copy the special code they show you.

10. Now, go to your WordPress website.

11. Add a free plugin called WPCode (a plugin for WordPress is like an app for a phone).

12. Install and activate the plugin.

13. Paste the code we got from Botsonic into the plugin settings.

14. Save the changes.

15. Yay, your chatbot is added to your website!

You can then train your new WordPress AI Chatbot using the easy-to-use Botsonic dashboard on their website.

How I trained my AI chatbot:

I added some public-facing company documents to my chatbot, so that my chatbot can answer company-specific questions when the visitr is anywhere on my website.

  • I added at least 3 different .DOCX files (I exported these from Google Docs).
  • I also added some FAQs to my Botsonic chatbot
  • I also added a few Links in the Links section (a link to my homepage, for example)

After all that training, my chatbot is well-versed in the exact info for my specific company.

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